Why invest in the UK?

Low 20% corporate tax rate

The UK is a great place to do business – the top European destination for foreign direct investment.

We are consistently the number one location for companies choosing to establish European headquarters.

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The UK ranked 2nd in the world for innovation

The UK is an unparalleled place to carry out Research & Development.

We have leading university departments across a wide range of industry-focused disciplines from civil engineering and biological sciences to computer science and informatics.

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At over 30 million, the UK’s highly-educated labour force is the second-largest in the EU.

The UK is also very competitive, with average wages here lower than several of our European competitors – in 2015, average earnings were less than Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

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The UK's aerospace sector is the 2nd largest in the world

The UK is a major market in its own right, with a population of over 64 million, in addition to over 500 million citizens in the wider European Union.

Britons are early adopters of technology and enthusiastically embrace internet shopping - each UK household owns an average of 4 internet-enabled devices (Ofcom 2015). The UK is therefore an excellent place to test out new technology.

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